The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Mission Statement

Mission – The employees of the Sheriff’s Office, County of Suffolk, N.Y. are dedicated to providing the highest quality services in order to improve community safety, protect life and property, reduce crime, reduce the fear of crime in Suffolk County, and maintain safe, secure, and orderly correctional and detention facilities ensuring proper care, custody, treatment, supervision, and discipline for all persons committed to the custody of the Sheriff. In order to accomplish this, the Sheriff’s Office and its individual employees, both sworn and civilian, pledge to develop a partnership with the community, lead a community commitment to resolve problems and strive to improve the safety and quality of life in Suffolk County by utilizing community-oriented policing. Providing this service to the public shall be conducted in an efficient and effective manner, consistent with legal authority, available budgeted resources, and professional skills.

Vision – The Sheriff’s Office, County of Suffolk, N.Y. strives to maintain the highest standards of excellence utilizing training and technology to create a safer environment for the citizens of Suffolk County and continue to work together in partnership with other law enforcement agencies to provide mutual aid and assistance to those in need.

Core Values – The Sheriff’s Office, County of Suffolk, N.Y. shall maintain crime prevention and prisoner rehabilitation as its primary goals while vigorously pursuing those who commit crime. The following core values shall guide the daily operations of the Sheriff’s Office and assist in ensuring that personal and professional behavior may be maintained by employees’ ethical values:

  • Human Life – Above all else is the protection and preservation of human life.

  • Integrity and Trust – The Sheriff’s Office reveres the honesty, fairness, respect, and consistent application of objective standards by its employees.

  • Pride and Professionalism – The Sheriff’s Office consciously and consistently demonstrates a commitment to the profession. The Sheriff’s Office is committed to becoming the profession’s benchmark, through constant attention to self-improvement and development of optimum agency services focused on quality performance and results.

  • Community Service – The Sheriff’s Office is committed to public service and the improvement of the quality of life in Suffolk County, through community partnership and mutual accountability.

  • Problem Solving – The Sheriff’s Office values the utilization of a teamwork approach to facilitate individual and group creativity to accomplish substantive long-term solutions to community problems.


Dated this 1st day of January, 2018

The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency


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